"I've been using Bob on radio commercials for years.  He's a professional voiceover who just gets it, always delivering what I need.  He's great with direction and versatile, right from the ‘big sale' reads to warm, relaxed and reassuring.”
Rik Watson, Regional Creative Producer, Bauer Yorkshire.

In my extensive experience, Bob Lawrence not only has an unerring ability to rattle through three copy filled paragraphs full of representative APR's, prices, savings and terms and conditions in one breath, but possibly more amazingly - he arrives there without sounding like he needs to take another breath before carrying on into the next paragraph either!  Not only is Bob an exceptionally talented and experienced voice-over, but he's a very nice chap and a rock-music boffin to boot! What more could you want? Only downsides? A worrying affiliation with Charlton Athletic FC and the fact that he doesn't like Pacitto's famous - ‘lemon-top ice cream'!
Mark Gregory, Creative & Operations Director, Get Carter Productions.

"My natural man of choice..."
Shelly Smith, Producer, Global Radio, U.K.

"I'm not saying Bob Lawrence is good… I'm saying he's AMAZINGLY good. So much so that I have a client who WON'T go on air unless Bob voices his commercials!”
Alex Mullen, Managing Director, Absolute Media (UK) Ltd.

"Bob Lawrence is a one take wonder and a true professional. I have used him on numerous occasions for our radio commercial productions at Sonique and have always been impressed with his interpretation and delivery. He recently did a session for the Billy Elliot the Musical radio commercials and blew all of us away.”
Natalie Griffiths, Director, Sonique Productions, London.

"Bob Lawrence is an extremely professional voiceover... I have come to depend on his ability to voice extremely effectively whatever scripts I happen to throw his way... From straight announcer to superfast scripts to character voices to flawless inflection and feeling for what the script requires. Bob knows what you need and is extremely professional right through to the end product you require...”
Iain Job, Commercial Producer, Real Radio Scotland.

"I suppose he's not bad at what he does ...
Guess that's why we use him.”
Jordan, Producer, Maple Street Studios, London.

"Bob is a top voice and a top bloke... you won't get a more professional read! Always hits the mark with every script I give him, he will not let you down. Soft, strong or very long ... he's your man!”
Graham Hellis, Producer, Real Radio Wales.

" ….. talented, versatile and equally able to deliver both straight and character reads, extremely directable and great fun to work with.”
Sid Pettit, Cube Productions.

"Excellent at interpreting direction and giving a 100% performance …. on a range of television commercials he really cut through the clutter. On animation work he really brought the characters alive …. this is the man for the job.”
Bob Kiernan, Managing Director, bkpL Creative.

"A great all rounder and a joy to work with”
Adders, L.B.S, Stockport.

"Bob always offers a friendly, reliable service and delivers a flexible, no nonsense, clear, concise read."
Duncan Brown, UTV Radio, UK.

"Not a "voice over” voice over … but a real bloke! Been working with Bob for many years now and I can always depend on him to give me what I what”.
Christian Allen, Cube Productions.

"Comfortable to listen to and he has an excellent way of making technical scripts easy to understand.”
Richard Potts, Managing Director, North Supply.

" …a great voice, he works hard to interpret what the director wants, and he can actually put the "sell” into what are just words on a page.”
Paul Carter, Get Carter Productions.